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Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice

Essential reading following an astounding summer of sport; if you’ve ever wondered what makes a champion, Bounce has the answer. What are the real secrets of sporting success, and what lessons do they offer about life? Why doesn’t Tiger Woods “choke”? Why are the best figure skaters those that have fallen over the most and why has one small street in Reading produced more top table tennis players than the rest of the country put together. Two-time Olympian and sports writer and broadcaster Matthew Syed draws on the latest in…


Pub Date : 2010-04-20 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : Harper Collins

ISBN 10 : 9780061991394
ISBN 13 : 0061991392

In the vein of the international bestselling Freakonomics, award-winning journalist Matthew Syed reveals the hidden clues to success—in sports, business, school, and just about a..


Pub Date : 2011-05-03 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : Harper Perennial

ISBN 10 : 0061723762
ISBN 13 : 9780061723766

Why have all the sprinters who have run the 100 meters in under ten seconds been black? What's one thing Mozart, Venus Williams, and Michelangelo have in common? Why are baseball p..


Pub Date : 2011 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : Fourth Estate (GB)

ISBN 10 : 0007350546
ISBN 13 : 9780007350544

Everyone knows that David Beckham crosses the ball better than anyone else and that Tiger Woods never 'chokes'. But what are the hidden factors which allow the most successful spor..

The Greatest

Pub Date : 2017-02-23 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : John Murray

ISBN 10 : 9781473653672
ISBN 13 : 1473653673

What can Roger Federer teach us about the secret of longevity? What do the All Blacks have in common with improvised jazz musicians? What can cognitive neuroscientists tell us abou..

Black Box Thinking

Pub Date : 2015-11-03 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9780698408876
ISBN 13 : 069840887X

Nobody wants to fail. But in highly complex organizations, success can happen only when we confront our mistakes, learn from our own version of a black box, and create a climate wh..

You Are Awesome

Pub Date : 2018-04-19 | Author : Matthew Syed | Publisher : Hachette UK

ISBN 10 : 9781526361332
ISBN 13 : 1526361337

I'm no good at sport ... I can't do maths ... I really struggle with exams ... Sound familiar? If you believe you can't do something, the chances are you won't try. But what if you..

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