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Pro Django

ISBN 10 : 9781430258094
ISBN 13 : 1430258098

Learn how to leverage Django, the leading Python web application development framework, to its full potential in this advanced tutorial and reference. Updated for Django 1.5 and Py..

Pro Django

ISBN 10 : 9781430210481
ISBN 13 : 1430210486

Django is the leading Python web application development framework. Learn how to leverage the Django web framework to its full potential in this advanced tutorial and reference. En..

Pro Python

ISBN 10 : 9781430227588
ISBN 13 : 1430227583

You’ve learned the basics of Python, but how do you take your skills to the next stage? Even if you know enough to be productive, there are a number of features that can take you..

The Definitive Guide To Django

ISBN 10 : 143021936X
ISBN 13 : 9781430219361

This latest edition of The Definitive Guide to Django is updated for Django 1.1, and, with the forward–compatibility guarantee that Django now provides, should serve as the ultim..

Practical Django Projects

ISBN 10 : 9781430219385
ISBN 13 : 1430219386

Build a Django content management system, blog, and social networking site with James Bennett as he introduces version 1.1 of the popular Django framework. You’ll work through th..

Python Web Development With Django

ISBN 10 : 0132356139
ISBN 13 : 9780132356138

Learn best practices of developing web-based applications quickly and effectively with the hot Python framework, Django...

Lightweight Django

ISBN 10 : 9781491946305
ISBN 13 : 149194630X

How can you take advantage of the Django framework to integrate complex client-side interactions and real-time features into your web applications? Through a series of rapid applic..