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The Gruffalo

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“A gruffalo? What’s a gruffalo?”
“A gruffalo! Why, didn’t you know? He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.”

And so begins the story of a quick-witted mouse as he encounters a host of predators who seem to think he might make a tasty treat. As he ventures deeper into the deep dark wood, stumbling across a hungry fox, a not-so-wise owl, and a slimy snake, spinning ever-extraordinary yarns about the scary, scaly gruffalo, he quickly realises that the hungry beast he has been talking of…

The Gruffalo

ISBN 10 : 9781509804757
ISBN 13 : 1509804757

"A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good."Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when a quick-witte..

The Gruffalo

ISBN 10 : 1447251946
ISBN 13 : 9781447251941

Happy Birthday, Gruffalo! A new, limited edition of The Gruffalo, the nation's favourite picture book. Fifteen years after it was first published, the award-winning story of a clev..

The Gruffalo

ISBN 10 : 0330507419
ISBN 13 : 9780330507417

A clever mouse uses the threat of a terrifying creature to keep from being eaten by a fox, an owl, and a snake--only to have to outwit that creature as well...

The Gruffalo S Child

ISBN 10 : 9781509804764
ISBN 13 : 1509804765

"The Gruffalo said that no gruffalo shouldEver set foot in the deep dark wood."But one wild and windy night the Gruffalo's child disobeys her father's warnings and ventures out int..

The Gruffalo Magnet Book

ISBN 10 : 0230744052
ISBN 13 : 9780230744059

Join The Gruffalo, Mouse and all your favourite characters from the deep dark wood in this amazing magnetic book! Contains over 60 Gruffalo magnets, a special mini edition of the b..

Gruffalo And The Gruffalo S Child

ISBN 10 : 144727489X
ISBN 13 : 9781447274896

Two classic stories in one beautifully designed box This foiled boxset contains board book editions of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child -- the two award-winning, bestselling s..

The Gruffalo In Scots

ISBN 10 : 1845025032
ISBN 13 : 9781845025038

Billedbog. Den eneste lille Grøfling er bange for mus. Mus med store skællede haler og modbydelige knurhår. Men findes de?..

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