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Peppa Pig: Stomp and Roar!

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Peppa Pig Stomp And Roar

Pub Date : 2013 | Author : Neville Astley | Publisher : Ladybird Books

ISBN 10 : 0723276307
ISBN 13 : 9780723276302

Peppa Pig, George and their friends are going on a big adventure to Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park. At the park they follow some mysterious footprints, go down a giant dinosaur slid..

Peppa Pig Pirate Island

Pub Date : 2011-10-01 | Author : LADYBIRD BOOKS | Publisher : Ladybird Books

ISBN 10 : 1409311538
ISBN 13 : 9781409311539

Join Peppa and her friends for an exciting day out to Pirate Island! Oooh, arrrh, me hearties! What buried treasure will they find? There are 18 sound buttons to bring their pirate..

George S New Dinosaur

Pub Date : 2014 | Author : Ladybird | Publisher : Ladybird

ISBN 10 : 0723287058
ISBN 13 : 9780723287056

George loves playing with his favourite toy, Mr Dinosaur. But when he breaks one day, Mummy and Daddy Pig take him to buy a new one. The amazing new Dino-Roar walks, talks and sing..

The Wheels On The Bus

Pub Date : 2017-02-09 | Author : | Publisher : Ladybird

ISBN 10 : 0241294592
ISBN 13 : 9780241294598

Sing along to The Wheels on the Bus with Peppa and her friends! This sturdy story book has real wheels, so is perfect for playtime and storytime. Based on the hit preschool animati..

Peppa Pig Play With Peppa Hand Puppet Book

Pub Date : 2013 | Author : Neville Astley | Publisher : Ladybird Books

ISBN 10 : 0723276315
ISBN 13 : 9780723276319

Peppa is always full of energy, and no matter where she goes, she just can't keep still. Read the simple story and join in with Peppa as she claps, waves and sneezes her way throug..

Peppa Pig Peppa S Car Ride

Pub Date : 2012 | Author : Neville Astley | Publisher : Ladybird Books

ISBN 10 : 1409313247
ISBN 13 : 9781409313243

Peppa Pig can't wait to go for a day out with her family in their red car. But things don't quite go to plan and the car starts making funny noises. Grandad Dog gives them a new bl..

Peppa Pig Marvellous Magnet Book

Pub Date : 2009-03-01 | Author : | Publisher : Ladybird Books

ISBN 10 : 1409301761
ISBN 13 : 9781409301769

Join Peppa and George on an adventure in this Marvellous Magnet Book.Peppa and her little brother George are having fun doing their favourite things. Including going to the museum,..

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