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Badass Civil War Beards

ISBN 10 : 9780895876379
ISBN 13 : 089587637X

From the cavemen to the hipsters of today, beards have been the hallmark of brave and manly men. For some reason, the popularity of beards skyrocketed during the late 19th century,..

Why The Confederacy Lost

ISBN 10 : 9780199874439
ISBN 13 : 0199874433

After the Civil War, someone asked General Pickett why the Battle of Gettysburg had been lost: Was it Lee's error in taking the offensive, the tardiness of Ewell and Early, or Long..

Blood Done Sign My Name

ISBN 10 : 9780307419934
ISBN 13 : 0307419932

"Daddy and Roger and 'em shot 'em a nigger." Those words, whispered to ten-year-old Tim Tyson by one of his playmates in the late spring of 1970, heralded a firestorm that would fo..

The Moustache Grower S Guide

ISBN 10 : 1452105545
ISBN 13 : 9781452105543

Whether it's a Handlebar, a Fu Manchu, or a Laser Loop, this illustrated guide will help men everywhere achieve the moustache of their dreams. Included are instructions for how to ..

War Nerd

ISBN 10 : 9781593763022
ISBN 13 : 1593763026

Self-described war nerd Gary Brecher knows he’s not alone, that there’s a legion of fat, lonely Americans, stuck in stupid, paper-pushing desk jobs, who get off on reading abou..

Some Pig

ISBN 10 : 9780060781613
ISBN 13 : 0060781610

Relates the special relationship between a young girl named Fern and Wilbur, the spring pig she raises and loves...

The Philosophy Of Beards

ISBN 10 : 0712357661
ISBN 13 : 9780712357661

Sure to be popular in the hipper precincts of Brooklyn (to say nothing of the Pacific Northwest), this eccentric Victorian volume makes a strong case for the universal wearing of b..